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Building Sustainability First Brands

Slide Welcome To Citizen Good In the complex and fast changing world of sustainability, we unify an organisation from Brand Manager to Chief Financial Officer to deliver measurable business growth & impact with a connected set of metrics.

We bring practitioners from within and outside an organisation to drive transformational and sustainable change with new thinking and bold action.

To echo Sir David Attenborough, no one can deliver a sustainability agenda alone. By co-creating net positive initiative outcomes between corporations and government institutions, we can improve and inspire our daily lives as consumers, employees and citizens of the world.

Slide What We Do We build brands that people actively choose to participate in because they believe a preferred future is possible, together Checklist Of A Citizen Brand It delivers sustainable and profitable impact. These brands respond to the consumer’s world and form organically evolving relationships. They improve the prospects for people and planet and are guided by purpose. Their agendas are interlinked with social values and environmental concerns, now and next. It's action-oriented and creates memorable experiences. We Call Them Citizen Brands It anticipates the needs of citizens through meaningful innovation. It responds to SDGs by driving category transformation. It's open, direct, and clear with the relevant details in messaging.

Slide What is the investor momentum and what do they view as priorities and risks? By understanding the synergies between investor funding & citizen values, and corporate commitments & brand promises, we find opportunities between intent and action. Maximizing Returns

And Profitability
What are the business capabilities and targets set? Value Creation
Differentiation And

What do consumers care about in the world of sustainability now, what do we forecast for the future? Purpose Led And

Results Driven
We build Citizen Brands by looking through four lenses What is the client’s sustainability brand perceptions vs competitors? Trust And Affinity

Slide Preserve natural beauty Support human and social issues Impact Areas Champion sustainable & healthy food production Reduce pollution & waste We help brands deliver their sustainability initiatives to achieve a net positive impact.

Slide About Us We are resolved to leave the world in a better place when our work is done. By melding our skills and values, we galvanise brands to take action that is meaningful to their consumers, rewarding to shareholders, and drive brand growth towards the sustainability agenda. Citizen Good is a diverse collective of technology entrepreneurs, farmers, management consultants, land managers, marketing executives, conservationists, trends & insights specialists, sustainability practitioners and investors.

Slide How does my brand promise fit with the corporate purpose? How do I measure the brand’s impact across different agendas? How do I communicate our sustainability agenda in a meaningful way to my consumers? Will my innovation strategy meet the business goals and align with consumers care about? Types Of Challenges We Solve Where does my brand fit in the sustainability landscape?

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