Creating sustainable energy one step at a time

We’re putting the spotlight on Pavegen this week – a British start up paving the way to new clean energy sources, whilst also building datasets for good use.


Pavegen manufactured paving tiles that create renewable energy once they are walked across through harnessing the kinetic energy in your footsteps. Pavegen aren’t just a provider of green energy solutions but are also a provider of smart footfall data – allowing advertisers and retailers to improve the effectiveness of their messaging by measuring their dwell time and interactions with installations. To reward usage, Pavegen have also created an app which inspires users to swap their ‘energy production’ for points for discounts.


One of Pavegen’s early installations was to create a football stadium in a favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil which had its floodlights powered by the energy created from the kids playing football on the pitch. This clean energy was created with 200 Pavegen tiles beneath the turf – powering the stadium lights for up to 10 hours. They bought in footballing legend Pele to open the stadium for the first inaugural match, much to the delight and joy of the local team. This project wasn’t just about clean energy but also inspiring the favela’s young residents too.


“This installation could inspire the younger residents to pursue a STEM career, as well as helping to provide renewable electricity to a much deprived area of the world. The people-powered football [soccer] pitch ensured the favela gained renewable electricity through safer, more reliable means, uniting the community through sport as a result.” Sanaa Siddiqui, communications officer at Pavegen, said.



Pavegen have deployed their tiles across a wide range of projects from shopping malls, airports, sports stadiums, exhibitions, universities and smart city developments – across the world and worked with major brands including Uniqlo and Adidas.


We’re stepping up our game with Pavegen.