Spotlight on Mijenta


The pandemic did not deter Mijenta from launching in 2020. It is a small-batch and critically acclaimed tequila from the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico with a strong commitment to sustainability. Created by a passionate collective who believe in doing well by doing right, Mijenta has demonstrated care and integrity from farm to bottle. Mijenta works with Climate Care to offset its carbon footprint by supporting local climate related programs.


Knowing that more agave fields do not create biodiversity, they’re helping farmers and producers diversify their production. In addition, they set up the Mijenta Community Foundation to promote, preserve and protect the ancestral culture and provide assistance where needed for the local families and communities. People before profit, Mijenta offers healthcare assistance as well as education development for local team members and their families.


The elegant packaging and bottle label are made of agave waste and 100% post-consumer recycled paper sourced locally from Mexico. No detail is too small because they are piloting a new application of vegetable-based ink and are exploring diversifying future packaging with the use of a biodegradable mushroom-based material. The bottles are also locally sourced stock glass, and for those who appreciate design, the bottle stands out beautifully on the shelves.


Mijenta is a progressive brand that keeps pace with new technologies and practices. According to Elise Som, Co-founder and Director of Sustainability,


“The world wants better products, transparency is key nowadays, it is our responsibility as modern companies to offer the best products ever created and keep on evolving. As the sustainability community grows with new ideas and new players, we should always help each other out to create better products and ultimately a better world for the next generation.”


We raise a glass to you Mijenta and like all good things in life, we are excited to share your work with many indeed.