Keeping the Dogg house clean?



We’ve got the spotlight on Homethings, the British start up, today – they launched last summer to shake up the cleaning product market and re-think how to deliver both a clean home and clean planet.


The cleaning industry is super wasteful … it ships products that are up to 90% water around the world in single-use plastic. The average UK household uses 30 cleaning spray bottles per year, that’s 30 single-use plastic bottles filled with 90% water – time for Homethings to come in and disrupt this craziness!


To address this challenge Homethings developed a system of tabletised non-toxic cleaning products – so they only ship the active cleaning ingredients and cut out the plastic, letting consumers add the water at home. Removing the use of single use plastic (they use glass bottles) and reducing the carbon footprint of emissions from shipping water around the world which you already have easily accessible in your tap at home! 


Homethings tabs weigh 4.5g each and make 500ml of cleaning solution v’s a single-use bottle of 500ml cleaning product typically weighing around 540g. So, over 100 Homethings tabs is the equivalent of 1 standard bottle of household cleaner.


Homethings want to be the go-to brand for all your household cleaning needs by proving it’s possible to do things differently and to make products that make sense to the consumer and the planet. 


They are working to creating a consumer led refillution! In their words – #dontbevanillabearefilla!



Credit to Homethings instagram for Snoop image @get_homethings


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