Creating our future problem solvers – Spotlight on Twin Science



Twin is hitting the UN’s education sustainable development goal out of the park. 


This open-source tech platform for kids is inspiring in so many ways. Combining coding, robotics and AI it encourages children to use technology to solve real world problems. Using kits that are compatible with LEGO and contain components such as motors, fans, sensors and coding modules, children can build autonomous vehicles or build the next-generation earthquake safety system.


Challenging our current education systems which often teaches right answer from wrong answer, Twin encourages children to hunt down problems, collaborate, and solve them creatively, in their own way. By encouraging teamwork, empathy and the understanding that there is no one size fits all, children learn that ‘having a go’ can go a long way. It builds active confidence and overcomes self-doubt.


Their focus on science, technology, engineering, art, and maths doesn’t just benefit those who can foot up £30-£150 to buy a kit. They’re committed to having an impact in impoverished communities by sharing profits from every kit sold with the World Science movement and by actively supporting key partners.


“Twin to me spells experience, learning, excitement through curiosity and play. Twin to me spells an enterprise with the heart of a charity.” Prof. Dr. Ger Graus OBE, Global Director of Education for KidZania


At Citizen Good we love Twin’s goal to create the next generation of problem solvers because we’re going to need all the creativity possible to solve some of the world’s greatest problems.



 Image credit –  agreed use from Twin