Shopping for Good


Zalando has introduced a new service ‘shop by values’ which allows their shoppers to filter fashion brands based on values and causes. This filter allows shoppers to browse the brands addressing the sustainability issues they are most passionate about e.g water conservation, worker wellbeing, refuse of materials, animal welfare, reduction of emissions etc.


It helps consumers to make informed decisions on their purchasing power between intent and behaviour. In Zalando’s recent report, ‘It Takes Two’ they show how half of all customers don’t currently understand what sustainability means in a fashion context. 


“Our customers tell us that they care deeply about sustainability, but they really struggle to translate their values into actions when they go into stores or shop online. There is a gap, which we need to close if we are serious about making the industry more sustainable”.

Kate Heiny, Director Sustainability, Zalando




The introduction of shop by values is part of Zalando’s wider do.MORE. campaign which aims to see 25 per cent of all gross merchandise value come from more sustainable products by 2023. It’s a great example of being a Citizen Brand – and HELPING YOU TO MAKE BETTER CHOICES yourself. Zalando are demonstrating Actions leadership – and inspiring other brands in the fashion industry to act as well as educating consumers to drive more sustainable choices and create greater visibility.