Predicting a more sustainable future


This week one of our founders @richardmaryniak will be talking at the IFST conference. He will share a case study focussing on spotting the clues for innovation in social data. It will outline how data points converge to help R&D specialists identify the signals from the noise. 


These AI techniques are now being applied to help solve some of the big questions around sustainability. They answer the consumer piece of the puzzle by mapping the messages that resonate most and shining a light on where consumers want to see change. 


Knowing where consumer attention lies helps us prioritise which environmental and social challenges could capture support quickly. It will also guide corporates to select and invest with the right initiative partners that are an authentic fit with their brands and purpose. 


Social data, however, is not the whole picture when it comes to sustainability. A convergence of data sets from investors, corporates, brands & categories will provide a thorough assessment on where the gaps & opportunities are so that brands can make meaningful and enduring change. 


Join us at the IFST conference to understand the role social data play in delivering a better future.