The new plant-based milk in town



So how many plant-based milks can you name in under 5 seconds?


Oat, soy, hemp, almond, coconut?


According to Mintel, 39% of consumers use plant-based milks because they think they are healthier than dairy milk. While conventional milk has many positive nutritional aspects, consumers often associate plant-based products with being better for them.


Here’s another one for consideration ……the Bambara groundnut milk. It’s a legume that is grown in Southeast Asia and Africa. The Bambara groundnut is a future-fit & regenerative crop that grows on arid land and requires the absolute minimum of water. It helps restore the land on which it is grown by putting back nitrogen into the soil.


WhatIF Foods has launched the BamNut M?LK and it’s designed to be the most nutritious milk on the market. It delivers 7g of protein per serving, almost as much as cow’s milk. Beneficially, it contains 31% less fat than cow’s milk, and a regular glass of BamNut M?LK has at least half of the recommended daily requirements for calcium, Vitamin D2, and Vitamin B12. BamNut M?LK froths up just like the creaminess of dairy milk.


“I’m very proud of what my team at WhatIF Foods has achieved with our newly introduced BamNut M?LK. The first consumer feedbacks show that the quality of our milk is exactly where we want it to be, ‘criminally’ creamy and with a fine mouthfeel, pairing well with all sorts of beverages, and suitable for cooking and baking. By consuming BamNut M?LK you are not only nourishing yourself, but also restoring the planet thanks to the regenerative powers of Bambara groundnut! Every litre helps to restore 1.12 sqm of degraded lands, enabling them to contain more carbon, more nutrients, more life, and retain more water.”, says Christoph Langwallner, founder and CEO of WhatIF Foods.


For now, Bamnut M?LK is only available in Singapore at and from mid-September in the local Cold Storage supermarkets but we are hopeful that it will go well beyond the shores soon.