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We are very excited to see Paul Polman and Andrew Winston’s latest book – Net Positive, how courageous companies thrive by giving more than they take.


We have always felt net zero is a rather unambitious ambition and the strive should be for improvement not merely ‘doing no harm’.


There are many companies today feeling pride in publicising their Net Zero ambitions as if they are doing good.


Getting to Net Zero is not a PR stunt it is table stakes. The PR around Net Zero really highlights how polluting most companies are.


Our advice is to exercise caution and humility when righting your wrongs.


Talk about the good you are doing not the steps you are putting in place to right decades and decades of doing the wrong thing.


Net Zero should be what’s expected not what’s applauded.


We are looking forward to reading Net Positive and reminds us of our post from February this year – Net Zero is not enough.



Net Zero is not enough