The Farmers Dilemma – Food OR Environment?


Since the end of the second world war farmers have faced a dilemma. Food or Environment. Growing more food than we need for over 70 years has come at a huge cost to the environment.


This week Panorama highlighted the horrific misuse of dairy cows. The show makes for tough viewing but we know that most farmers don’t behave this way. Most farmers would agree the mistreatment was wrong and should be ironed out. This type of mistreatment clearly does happen but is not reflective of the entire industry. In fact there is a growing movement in farming towards more regenerative practices working with nature to get the best out of nature.


Panorama highlights how milk and food costs have been kept low in the UK and the price of food and milk is set to rise.


We have been talking to farmers on their journeys towards more regenerative practices to find out why food prices are set to rise and what this means for the natural environment we live in and enjoy.


Watch the short clip of Richard and John Bubb (Farmer) to find out why prices are rising and why consumers should care more about what goes on on the farm.