Walk the Walk: How to avoid greenwashing on your sustainability journey


Greenwashing is defined as behaviour or activities that make people believe that a company, government, or organisation is doing more to protect the environment than it really is.


Idealists would have us believe doing the right thing is easy. For long established businesses with embedded legacy supply chains, change is hard.


Is Greenwashing inevitable as businesses transition from business as usual to ‘new’ business as usual?


Join Michelle Feenney, Founder and CEO of Floral Street Fragrances, Andy Stephens Social Impact Manager at Cook and Marina Bradford, founder of Bemari for a debate chaired by Caroline Bates founding partner of Citizen Good as we debate these questions! The topic is feeling all the more crucial with even the hero’s of sustainable marketing with strong reputations and consistent records for doing the right thing have been fined by the ASA in the last few weeks.


Join us and an amazing programme of speakers and change makers at Impact 2022 – This Wednesday and Thursday.