Save our buns


We hope everyone had a happy Easter.


Did you know that every year, 10.5 million hot cross buns are wasted in the UK?


Often, it’s because we simply don’t get to eat them before they go stale.


Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to put a stale hot cross to use and Too Good to Go, are here to inspire you to make the most of your Easter treats and minimise food waste.


Every year, perfectly good Easter treats go to waste because they didn’t sell in time. The good news is from today the Too Good to Go app will be filled with Magic Bags featuring everything from chocolate eggs to Easter-themed cakes. We are heading out at lunchtime to collect ours before they go! And are considering using the Hot Cross Treacle Tart recipe!


And if you don’t need to pick up treats, but have leftovers to share – instead of throwing out any unused surplus from the long weekend, why not add it to Olio – sharing is caring! In 2021 it was predicted that £58.4m worth of leftovers ended up in UK bins over Easter so lets help fight food waste.


Check out our post here with recommendations for apps minimising food waste – Your belly and wallet will thank you for it!