We can support you in delivering on your climate commitments. 


Citizen Good are working with DEFRA, exploring how the government can help corporations and business leaders engage more directly with climate solutions to ensure they reach their net zero and SDG commitments.


To do this we would like your help to understand how the British Government could better assist you in reaching your targets.

We would like to talk to individuals working in businesses who are responsible for:


What we need: Just 1 hour of your time to discuss your climate change commitments and how additional government funding could help you reach and exceed your climate ambitions.


About this project:


The corporate world and wider society are already being impacted by the effects of climate change. Mark Carney (former Governor of the Bank of England) has repeatedly outlined how global warming, movement in government regulation and changing consumer demands pose significant financial risks and opportunities for the business community.


All the science points towards net zero being a necessity, not an option but there is a void between business leaders and those on the front line; those delivering net zero and environmental solutions. The farmers, the land managers and the government agencies charged with being stewards of the environment. This is ultimately where net zero will be delivered and this is where support is most needed. Our mission is to better connect corporate leaders with environmental impact in a way that is fair and delivers shared value.


We want to show that there is a shared value to be created beyond environmental impact. If implemented correctly and with authenticity the right initiative, paired with the right brand could also drive consumer trust and ultimately, top line brand growth.


Farmers, land managers and land stewards are responsible for natural assets that, if managed effectively, could deliver high carbon sequestration and organic matter conservation through peatlands, regenerative farming, reforestation, rewilding at a local, national and international scale.


An approach to pay land managers and farmers for their ‘environmental services’ is already being trialled by the British Government. Providing an exchange between polluters looking to offset their carbon emissions and farmers / land managers protecting and restoring natural assets is a sensible solution.


The UK has made some strong pledges around energy efficiency and offshore wind and has already pledged to become the first country to mandate full climate disclosure.


We want to ensure corporates have their say and the government builds solutions around their needs. The right government policy will make it easier for everyone to deliver on climate commitments as we work towards keeping global warming below the 1.5-degree target.